• The Benefits of Credit Card Financing For Small Business
    It’s becoming increasingly harder for small businesses to get traditional loans, forcing many entrepreneurs to scramble for solutions. As MotleyFool’s John Maxfield puts it “loans to big businesses offer economies of scale, which offset the individualized attention that's needed to analyze a business'
  • Four marketplace truths about your customers
    Spend time in the marketplace and you’ll have many close encounters of the third kind with the most interesting species in all of nature: the human being. And as we have learned, the nature of humans isn’t much different from other animals: All need to breathe, eat, drink, procreate and survive.  But there is
  • You say your business plan every day
    Do you have a business plan? What? In your head? How’s that working for you? Don’t know how to get one started? Well consider this conversation that happens many times, every day, between business owners just like you and the people they meet. Friend:   “Hi Joe.  Heard you started a business. What’re you doing?”


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