• Should Your Small Business Accept Credit Card Payments?
    Credit card payments in the United States are on the raise. More and more consumers are signing up for the little pieces of plastic and using them as their main method of payment. This is in part due to banks making  rewards better and better for cardholders. If you’re planning to open up a small […]
  • 3 Early Signs Your Business Is Going To Fail
    My friend, entrepreneur Marc Kramer, has started about 20 businesses. Some have succeeded, others have not. Among his start-ups, I asked him if he got signals early on that he had a clunker on his hands, and if so, what the signs were. Generally, he said, he knew within about 120 days whether or not […]
  • How Your Hobbies Can Make You Money in Retirement
    If you’re looking to generate extra income during retirement , you might want to explore ways to make your hobby into a more profitable venture. After all, hobbies are the things you choose to do — activities that, in most cases, you’d happily do for free. And pursuing a hobby-related business can make for a


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