• The Concorde Fallacy and the Concorde Question
    Perhaps the hardest decision a small business owner ever faces is when to end a business pursuit. Remember to ask yourself the Concorde Question: "Do I have a fighting chance, or just a chance to
  • The Benefits of Fintech Partnerships in Emerging Markets
    By Andrés Abumohor In many emerging market economies, individuals cannot fulfill banking requirements, such as providing a credit history or collateral, in order to access lines of credit. This is true for a majority of small businesses in emerging markets as well. Inadequate access to financing is a problem
  • Jim Blasingame's 2019 Crystal Ball Predictions
    Jim Blasingame reveals his #2019 predictions for #smallbusiness, the #economy, #technology, and more. Stay tuned - last year his predictions were over 85%


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