• Four IP questions to tell if you get it
    One of the most interesting aspects of the marketplace is the evolution of how businesses leverage assets. For most of history, business leverage came from these three categories in this order: 1. Muscle power (human or animal); 2. Tangible stuff (raw material, inventory, tools, etc.); 3. Information (intellectual
  • Your Small Business Should Have Its Own Credit Score
    By Heather Castle , CFP Learn more about Heather on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor Many people understand the importance of their personal credit score. Most lenders use them to determine who will receive financing opportunities — such as auto loans, mortgages and lines of credit — and on what terms. Your score
  • 5 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Teens
    Zandra Cunningham loves lip balm — so much that she used to ask her dad to buy her a new tube every day. Exasperated, he joked that she should make her own. So she did. She was 9. Six years later, her Buffalo, New York-based business, Zandra, sells 37 natural, homemade skin products in stores […]


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