• The Power Question: Ask it and then deliver
    One hundred twenty years ago, lawyer Paul J. Harris moved his practice to Chicago. While he enjoyed the new opportunity his adopted city afforded, Harris missed the friendly relationships he knew growing up in a small Vermont town. One fall day in 1900, while walking around the Windy City’s North Side with Bob
  • 5 Top Tips for New Biz
    I started my firm on a leap of faith six years ago. Knowing nothing about running a business when I began, I learned plenty of lessons along the way. I hope my been there done that advice is helpful
  • Sell Your Biz Misconceptions
    Ironically, the same traits that drove you and your business to success can also lead to missteps when time comes for you to sell the biz. The biggest culprit may well be your own eternal optimism. While a positive


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