• Use your spirit for discovery and growth
    Do you think about the force that drives your protoplasm around; the keeper of your courage; the only thing that's different about identical twins?  You know - your spirit. Everyone should be conscious of their spirit, but it's essential for entrepreneurs. In his beautiful book,  Eternal Echoes , my friend,
  • These Are the Receipts to Keep for Doing Your Taxes
    Gathering and saving receipts and tax documents is an important part of filing  taxes . Whether you take the standard deduction or itemize deductions, most people filing their 2017 taxes in 2018 will be happy they took the time to prepare when the IRS deadline rolls around.  Review the receipts you need to keep
  • How to Make More Money, According to Science
    Turn to science for empirically proven ways to sell a product, climb the career ladder and optimize your productivity. GOBankingRates examined various studies and scholarly articles for the best ways to achieve financial and career success, and many of the tips garnered from the research are easily adaptable to your


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