• Pokemon Go Lures Customers to Small Businesses
    In July 2016, Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, launched in over thirty countries. It first became available in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia on July 6, and most recently, in Japan on July 21. The game takes advantage of the nostalgia surrounding a popular Japanese franchise that was released two decades
  • The power of brainstorming with adjectives
    How dull would our world be without adjectives? You know, those handy words or terms we use, as Webster says, to "modify a noun." Indeed, without the descriptive power of an adjective, a noun is nothing more than a bland commodity – like broccoli without hollandaise. If I offered you a soybean, you would probably […]
  • Tips on Taking Over a Family Business
    Taking over a family business combines two of the most important parts of our lives — family and work — in a potentially volatile process that can affect relationships and keep the transition from being as smooth as it could be. We asked Anna Sergunina , a financial advisor who works with small businesses and […]


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