• 3 Ways Business Leaders Can Help With Boosting Local Economies
    Cities, though public entities “owned” by their governments and residents, are dependent upon private businesses. The success of the private sector — and the improvements fueled by businesses — makes many other aspects of community life appealing. This includes everything from enhancing  5G connectivity  to
  • Essential Components for Successful Business Innovation
    The focal point of today’s market disruption is the collision of traditional corporate giants with the new titans of the entrepreneurial world with their unlimited war chest of funds, plus the vision, talent and intention to change ANY world they choose to enter. This paradigm shift reminds me of our efforts to take
  • When the UGC says "Nu-uh," you've gotta problem
    Once upon a time, but not that long ago, a brand message could be successful even if it was close to a work of fiction.  Created by Madison Avenue wordsmiths, copy for an ad or brochure was crafted to manipulate and motivate using puffery, a legal term referring to acceptable marketing exaggeration. And most of […]


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