• 3 Startup Risks You Should Avoid
    Having a business of your very own is a fantasy many people share. Of course it doesn’t just happen by snapping your fingers. A lot of hard work goes into any startup. First you must have a product or service people need. If it’s already on the market, your version has a greater chance of […]
  • Why Women-Owned Businesses Are On The Rise
    I am  one of the many self-employed people  working in the United States. But, what is significant to note is that I am a woman. During the last 20 years, the number of self-employed women has gone up dramatically according to the  US Census Bureau . Of course, that is to be somewhat expected as […]
  • Three Things Any Entrepreneur Should Know
    The gig economy looks like it’s growing every day, and  Millennials are starting businesses at a younger age than Baby Boomers did . Entrepreneurship is here to stay! When you’re building out your dream business there’s a lot to do and it can come with a lot of pressure. It’s your dream after all- you […]


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